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 Mask Of Destiny News
Retro News: July 11-20 2007
Posted by Richard on July 14, 2018 at 10:02 PM CST:
Reports of which new Mahri sets are available in which countries continue. Mark reports on the new Comic, a book review, and a sticky situation with Thok. Maxilos and Spinax get a review.
Happy Independence Day!
Posted by Richard on July 4, 2018 at 08:33 PM CST:
I hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July.
Select LEGO Video Games On Sale On PSN
Posted by Richard on July 4, 2018 at 08:02 PM CST:
There are quite a few LEGO® branded video games on sale in Sony's Mid-year sale. If you have Playstation Plus, you might see an additional discount for some games on sale when you log in. Forum link.
Retro News: July 1-10 2007
Posted by Richard on July 3, 2018 at 06:47 PM CST:
The Mahri Madness continues as the Titan/Warrior sets start popping up for sale.
Free LEGO Beach Tote For Big Spenders
Posted by Richard on July 3, 2018 at 06:30 PM CST:
According to The LEGO® Group: Free Exclusive LEGOŽ Beach Tote with a purchase of $199 or more! Offer valid June 30 - July 8, 2018 or while supplies last. Limit one per customer. This seems like a good deal, especially with the double VIP points still running until the 7th of this month. VIP members would be getting back about 20 bucks in store credit coupons if you spent enough to get the tote. Forum link.
LITEUP BLOCKS Kit, Old Fishing Store
Posted by Richard on July 3, 2018 at 06:19 PM CST:
Johnathan Wilson posted about another Liteup Blocks kit, this time for the Old Fishing Store. This is one of their cheaper kits, at only $32.00 USD.
Double VIP Points June 30th Through July 7th
Posted by Richard on June 23, 2018 at 10:27 PM CST:
According to an email from The LEGO® Company, they will be holding a double point special in about a week. This means roughly $10.00 USD back in store credit for every hundred you spend. Not a bad deal considering the VIP membership is a free loyalty card. Forum link.
Retro News: June 21-30 2007
Posted by Richard on June 21, 2018 at 01:17 PM CST:
The Toa Mahri start to reach store shelves, though MOD's contact in The LEGO® Company help us get a few of them early.
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