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 BIONICLE Comic #2
Description:Lots of action in this issue!
Issue 2 opens with a gathering of TURAGA retelling the legend of MATA NUI and the coming of MAKUTA.
The action then cuts to LEWA and GALI deep in the jungle. LEWA feels that GALI is slowing him down and takes off on his own to continue his quest for the 6 MASKS OF POWER on his own. GALI returns to the sea and soon encounters a RAHI under the influence of MAKUTA. She manages to trap the RAHI in an underwater cave.
LEWA is also having RAHI trouble but manages to escape, eventually finding himself (ironically) underwater. There he finds the KANOHI KAKAMA (the MASK OF SPEED).
Meanwhile GALI'S quest leads her to a high mountaintop, where she finds the KANOHI MIRU (MASK OF LEVITATION) just in time to face off against yet another RAHI!
LEWA is also in trouble with the servants of MAKUTA and the book ends with both TOA surrounded by RAHI.
To Be Concluded!
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Cover Scan
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Back Scan
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