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 LEGOLAND Billund Copper MASKS
Description:Pack with the copper HUNA and copper KOMAU exclusive to LEGOLAND Billund in Denmark. Included is an information card 3 3/16" tall and 4 3/4" wide with the following descriptions listed in Danish, German, and English:

(Front side)

Kanohi Huna:

The noble mask of concealment, gives the wearer the ability to turn invisible.

Kanohi Komau:

The noble mask of mind control, makes others do as you want.

(Back side)

The copper masks Kanohi Huna and Kanohi Komau are only to be found in Mata Nui's dark underground caves and tunnels. The special material gives the masks an exra boost to their powers. It takes more time for the wearer to master them, but they will be all the more effective.
Bag Front
Bag Front
Bag Back
Bag Back
Copper Comparison
Copper Comparison
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