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Buy A Complete Disney Series 2 Collection For Only $191.99 USD
Posted by Richard on January 27, 2020 at 04:45 PM CST:
Did you know you can buy An entire display box of 60 random minifigures on Neither did I, but if you need a complete collection of Disney Series 2 minifigures, it's 48 bucks off. It's advertised as having one complete set if you open all 60 mystery bags, although one reviewer claims he got two complete sets out of his. Forum link.
Free Augmented Reality Set With $45 USD Purchase
Posted by Richard on January 26, 2020 at 10:09 PM CST:
The Hidden Side Drag Racer set can be yours free with a purchase of $45.00 USD or more on LEGO Shop At Home. If your phone is compatible with the Hidden Side app, the Racer can be scanned and used as a visual anchor to play the game. TLG is running this offer until the end of February 9th EST. The model is valued at 12.99 USD, more than 25% of the minimum purchase, not a bad deal if you ask me. Forum link.
New Marvel Mechs Are Almost Micro BIONICLE Sets
Posted by Richard on January 15, 2020 at 04:14 PM CST:
There was much to like and hate about BIONCLE®'s last incarnation as CCBS sets, but I feel like it could have done better if they took it to a smaller scale. The new LEGO® Marvel mechs like the ones for Iron Man, Spider Man, and Thanos are actually more articulated than some BIONICLE sets were, and only $9.99 USD. It's hard to believe The LEGO Group managed this much articulation and part count for the same MSRP that brought us the somewhat lacking Nexo Knight battle suits. Forum link.
LEGO Shop At Home Offering Text Alerts
Posted by Richard on January 7, 2020 at 07:52 AM CST:
If you look in the Sale And Offers tab on LEGO Shop At Home and scroll down, there is a link to provide your phone number and receive text alerts. They are a little sparse on details about what alerts you will get, I assume at the very least they will text you whenever a new "Spend This Get This" deal is going on. Just remember not to sign up other people (like your parents) without asking them first, some service providers are inclined to charge text recipients as much as .50 cents simply to receive a text without a texting plan (Verizon). Forum link.
Double VIP Points On Sith Tie Fighter And City Police Station
Posted by Richard on January 6, 2020 at 09:49 PM CST:
The Sith TIE Fighter and City Police Station currently have a double VIP point special going. If you happen to want the Sith TIE fighter, it more than qualifies to get you the free Obi Wan Kenobi minifigure.
Free Keychain Of Choice With 35 Dollar Purchase
Posted by Richard on January 6, 2020 at 09:19 PM CST:
Running until the 12th of December, The LEGO® Group is giving you your choice of either a Purple (YAY!) or Blue (boo.) keychain on a purchase of $35.00 USD or more. You can make the right choice and use the code PRPL at checkout to get the purple keychain. If for some reason you want the blue keychain, the code for that is BLUE, though I can't imagine why when its only halfway to being purple. Forum link.
Base Ace Building Plates
Posted by Richard on December 11, 2019 at 10:06 PM CST:
Google's recommendations sent me this Brickset article about Brian Stickley's Base Ace building system. He developed the system to help keep his son's creations in tact during play. While I tend not to mix brands of building toys in my own creations, I have to admit that Base Ace looks like a lot of fun to work with. EDIT: Removed the Brickset link because of a pop up pretending to be my ISP. Base Ace has a facebook page here if you want to see the system. Forum link.

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