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 Mask Of Destiny Books, Videos, and Music
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LEGO Bionicle CD-ROM
LEGO Bionicle invites players to guide six Toa warriors individually via a third-person chase view on a quest to collect magical masks and thereby defeat the mysterious Makuta. Thinking, as opposed to violence, wins the day, as players gradually unlock more playable characters and explore the vast and richly imagined island of Mata Nui. There are eight large environments in all. Players can also unlock and print out model building instructions and other unique artwork as they progress through ever more challenging levels of play. $24.99 at
Ultimate LEGO Book
Discover the LEGO Universe! This unique book brings DK style to the world of LEGO, one of the world's best-selling toys. It presents amazing LEGO sculptures -- from life-size dinosaurs, to a time machine, to Einstein's head, more than 15 feet tall. It features stunning original photography from LEGO model-making centers, as well as the LEGO Group's archives, parks, and competitions. It also inventively introduces children to some of the greatest cities in the world -- in LEGO form. List $19.95, Discounted for less at
LEGO Modelers: Amazing Animals
With this clear and informative building guide, kids can learn how to create their own amazing animals and figures with standard sets of LEGO bricks. Step-by-step directions show how to build the creations one brick at a time for a whole menagerie of fun! List for $4.95 Discounted for less at
LEGO Mindstorms for Dummies
The LEGO MINDSTORMS products are great fun for children and adults alike, and can be used in millions of different combinations to build interactive creatures. But the power of Dr. Frankenstein can be very confusing, and figuring out which of those 700 pieces goes where is a big challenge. LEGO MINDSTORMS For Dummies is the perfect answer, with insightful help that goes beyond the Constructopedia. Simple examples are used to convey complicated ideas, opening the door wide for readers to unleash their creativity and build magnificent monsters, cool creatures, or riveting robots! List $24.99 Discounted for less at
Rose and Twinkleberry's Guide To Building Your Own Puzzles Using LEGO Building Bricks
Do you own LEGO blocks?
Increase the value of your LEGO blocks by hundreds of dollars! "Building Your Own Puzzles" shows you how to use the LEGO blocks you already own to build thirty-two of the world's all-time greatest puzzles - worth hundreds of dollars if bought individually! $15.00 at

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