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When is a First Edition Not a "FIRST EDITION"?
Posted by Mark on February 3, 2005 at 01:23 AM CST:
These are two cards from the BIONICLE™: Quest For The Masks collectible card game from Upper Deck. The card that does not say "FIRST EDITION" I just pulled from an unopened "First Edition Booster Pack." In fact, all of the cards numbered 41 through 100 that I pulled from fifty-two "First Edition" booster packs this past week lack the "FIRST EDITION" designation in the lower-right. All of the other cards (101 through 220) from those packs do include the "FIRST EDITION" mark.

This is not news to anyone familiar with both the game and booster packs. True "FIRST EDITION"-labelled cards numbered 41 through 100 are only available in the starter decks that also include the rules, maps, and masks for playing the game. "FIRST EDITION" cards 41 through 60 are in the TAHU/KOPAKA "Deck 2" box, cards 61 through 80 are in the ONUA/LEWA "Deck 3" box, and cards 81 through 100 are in the POHATU/GALI "Deck 1" box.

I re-discovered the "FIRST EDITION" discrepancy when I went through all of those booster packs in search of cards 197 and 211 (alas, to no avail). My expensive and fruitless search is to your benefit though, especially if you don't have many of the QftM cards and would like to have some. I will be giving away some of the cards in a contest which I will "Spring" on you at a later date.

The BIONICLE™: Quest For The Masks cards offer some very interesting graphics and story background, and they also make for a fun game. If you would like to know more about the game, there is still information about it and also checklists in the Upper Deck "Archive".

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