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BrickFest Call For MOCs
Posted by Mark on July 6, 2005 at 08:23 PM CST:


From Marc Reinhart, BrickFest BIONICLE® Theme Coordinator:

Brickfest 2005 is coming August 12th through 14th, 2005, and we want to see your Bionicle MOCs there. In order to help expand the BIONICLE theme at this year's BrickFest, we're offering great prizes to the winners of the BIONICLE MOC contest.

There will be two classes for judging ? one for BrickFest attendees and one for those unable to attend the event. All entries will be judged by ballot by the registered attendees at BrickFest.

Mata Nui Judging (Absentee MOCs)

There will be three places awarded:

    First Place - Toa Award

    Second Place - Turaga Award

    Third Place - Matoran Award

The creators of winning MOCs in all three places will receive a BIONICLE prize package consisting of:

    BIONICLE Master Builder Set, #10023

    BIONICLE Power Pack (CD, Mask, Matoran)

    BIONICLE Keychain

    Transparent Flourescent Green Miru

    Copper Huna

    Orange and Gold Vahi

    Chronicler's Tool

    Kanoka Disk of Time

In addition to the prize package, the first place winner will receive a complete set of six McDonald's Promotion Matoran. All prizes will be sent to the winners when their creations are returned.

If you are interested in entering a MOC for display and judging in this class, contact Marc Reinhardt, BrickFest BIONICLE Theme Coordinator at Information on how to enter your MOC will then be sent to you.

Metru Nui Judging (Participant MOCs)

Three places will be awarded with the following prizes.
    First Place - Toa Award
      Prize - BIONICLE Ultimate Dume, Set #10202

    Second Place - Turaga Award
      Prize - BIONICLE Toa Lhikan and Kikanalo, Set #8811

    Third Place - Matoran Award
      Prize - BIONICLE Turaga Dume and Nivawk, Set #8621

Prizes will be awarded at the BrickFest ceremony on Saturday, August 13. You must be present to win in this judging class.

If you are interested in entering a MOC for display and judging in this class, you can enter your MOC at the BrickFest website.

The following guidelines are provided to help answer any questions you may have about entering a creation in the BIONICLE MOC contest. These apply to both judging classes.

(1) This is a free build competition. There is only one category - BIONICLE. There is no limit on size or type. However, please follow these guidelines.

(2) Creations intended to be part of the BIONICLE theme display should fall into two categories: BIONICLE-based creations (BBC) and BIONICLE inspired creations (BIC). BIONICLE-based creations consist of mainly pieces from BIONICLE sets. This also includes parts of similar type or different colors from other LEGO sets. BIONICLE inspired creations consist of LEGO pieces that may not be from a BIONICLE set but the creation relates to the BIONICLE theme. Other creations may fall into themes elsewhere at BrickFest. If unsure, please contact the BIONICLE Theme Coordinator.

(3) Non-LEGO pieces may be included in your creation. Be aware that this may impact the judging of your creation.

(4) Smaller creations (fewer than about twenty pieces) that are similar in theme or design should be submitted as one entry.

(5) You may enter as many creations as you like. However, we suggest that MOCs of similar design done by one person should be limited to two or three.

(6) Your MOC entry should be entered no later than August 1, 2005.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Marc Reinhardt, BrickFest BIONICLE Theme Coordinator, at

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