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Contest Winners: How High Can You Build?
Posted by Mark on October 10, 2005 at 02:24 PM CST:
Congratulations to the following winners of our building contest:

  • Flintsmith

  • Zach

  • Jordan

  • Kyle

  • Blaine

Each will receive a copy of BIONICLE® 3: Web of Shadows on DVD. They would have received them today had it not been Columbus Day.

Flintsmith's entry above is 6' 2" (74" or 188 cm) tall and made of 51 pieces, putting it at the top of both of our categories with a ratio of 3.69 cm/piece. For purposes of awarding prizes, I placed it in the "Best Ratio" category.

Zach is next with a creation that is 4' 11" (59" or 150 cm) tall and made of 215 pieces for a ratio of 0.70 cm/piece. Other entries have better ratios, so this entry won in the "Tallest" category.

Blaine's entry of the "Tower of Fire" is our second-place winner in the "Best Ratio" category at 3' 4" (40" or 102 cm) and constructed of 50 pieces for a ratio of 2.04. Blaine entered two other very similar models, and the one shown above, "Flame of Toa," is the better picture out of the three entries. Curiously, "Flame of Toa" is the tallest of Blaine's entries at 3' 9" (45" or 114 cm), but is constructed of only 43 pieces and was therefore ineligible in the ratio category.

Our second place winner in the "Tallest" category goes to Jordan's entry. I don't have an exact height for this 210 piece construction, but TOA TAHU there puts it at over three feet.

At nearly eight feet tall (240 cm), Kyle's 53 piece entry could have easily won either category. We did not think using the canisters was a fair tactic, but it was a very creative tactic, and so I am pleased to award it the "Editor's Choice" award.

Honorable mentions (but no DVD's, sorry) go to Magnus's entry:

and to The Rahaga Fan's entry:

There were many other fine entries and I want to say "Thank you!" to everyone who entered.

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