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MOC Spotlight, Rahkshi Hunter v2, By Imatron
Posted by Richard on September 21, 2012 at 12:16 AM CST:

"The Rahkshi Hunter had a run in with a not-too-friendly Lerahk a long time ago, and a quick glance at him will tell you this story and it's outcome without a single word spoken."

I can't remember when exactly I built the first version, or if I have his picture around somewhere, but over a few years his arms got pulled out and most of his body lost. I decided it was about time I revamped this character so I could scrap the limb or two I had left which had been acting as a reminder to remake him.

For the design, I wanted to use as much of an actual rahkshi set as I could, trying to make it look like one toy cannibalized the other to replace it's lost limbs. I had debated between the skeletal limbs with rakish part armor(like the original), or lost limbs replaced with rakish parts which it wound up being after all. If I ever get the parts and talent to pull it off, I'd love to make a more decorative version with armor over the skeletal arms.

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