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New MoD Contest: How High Can You Build?
Posted by Mark on September 23, 2005 at 03:09 PM CST:
I don't have all of the details just yet, but I thought I should give you a head start on Mask of Destiny's next contest. Just how high can you build with BIONICLE® parts?

There will be two categories, you will be automatically entered into both, but you can only win one prize. I can't say what the prizes are just yet, but here is a hint: each prize is a palindrome.

The two categories are "Tallest BIONICLE Creation" and "Best Height-To-Piece-Count-Ratio Creation." Your creation needs at least fifty pieces to qualify for the second category. We will need an exact piece count for your creations, so keep a good count while building.

Your model will also need to be free-standing and able to hold itself up for at least 12 hours. You can only use pieces found in BIONICLE sets. (Sorry, "battle" sets [8757-8759, & 8769] are excluded.) Color variations are acceptable though.

We will need a picture of your creation along with an assessment of how tall it is. There should be some recognizable measure in the picture so we can verify the height (a ruler, Tahu, anything with a standard height).

Your creation need not be anything other than tall. There is a third category of "Editor's Choice" based on creativity though, so any effort in that regard may very well be rewarded. Further details will be available in about one week. Good luck, and start building!

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