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Official BrickFest BIONICLE? Room Results
Posted by Mark on August 18, 2005 at 09:06 PM CST:
From Marc Reinhardt:

Results of the Mata Nui (absentee) judging category for the BIONICLE MOC Contest.

1st Place - Toa Award
Johnathan Mastron (DragonMaster2050)

2nd Place - Turaga Award
Johnathan Mastron (DragonMaster2050)

3rd Place - Matoran Award
Michael Matthews (Toaraga)

Each place winner will receive a Bionicle prize package consisting a BIONICLE Master Builder Set #10023, a BIONICLE Power Pack (CD, Mask, Matoran), a BIONICLE key chain, a transparent flourescent green Miru, a copper Huna, an orange and gold Vahi, a Chronicler's Tool, and a Kanoka Disk of Time. The first place winner will also receive a complete set of McDonald's promotion Matoran.

Others who entered this category were:
Brad Monroe (Mas y Menos)
David Holland II (Darth Grievous)
Michael Palmer (Onu-Defendant)

A small consolation prize will be sent to them just for entering. Pictures of all the entries can be found here.

Results of the Metru Nui (participant) judging category for the BIONICLE MOC Contest.

1st Place - Toa Award
Marc Reinhardt
Lobo Nui

2nd Place - Turaga Award
Erik Christenson

3rd Place - Matoran Award
Lee Magpili
Zero the Dragon

The winners received the following prizes:
1st Place - BIONICLE Ultimate Dume, Set #10202
2nd Place - BIONICLE Toa Lhikan and Kikanalo, Set #8811
3rd Place - Bionicle Turaga Dume and Nivawk, Set #8621

Others who entered in this category -
Shilo Parker (Omicron)
Mark Durham, the master of the small MOC
Richard Roth (Imatron), and his more is better approach
Nick Iaconis
Philip Moyer (Mecha builder, in a daring crossover to BIONICLE)

In addition to the MOC contest, other BIONICLE related activities were held.

BIONICLE Speed Building

Head to head contest to see who could build a BIONICLE set fastest. The sets used and the results are as follows:

Rahkshi Turahk (set #8592)
Winner - Nick Iaconis
Time - 2 mins, 00 secs
Toa Metru Nokama (set #8602)
Winner - Nick Iaconis
Time - 2 mins, 05 secs
Vahki Nuurakh (set #8614)
Winner - Richard Roth
Time - 1 mins, 53 secs
Visorak Oohnorak (set #8744)
Winner - Nick Iaconis
Time - 2 mins, 06 secs

Winners received their pick of BIONICLE set and a orange Mask of Time.

B.Y.O.B. - Build Your Own Bionicle

This contest was to see who could build the best original BIONICLE creation during the time at Brickfest. Although a few played around with peices, one creation was the winner. Although not what was expected in the contest, this is a true MOC made with genuine LEGO parts. The winner was the Rhotuka Spinner Launcher / Watch, which actually is worn on the wrist and launched spinners. Jointly created by Shilo Parker and Richard Roth. The winners each received a BIONICLE Master Builder Set.

The Brickfest staff would like to thank all those who contributed prizes for the BIONICLE contests. Also special thanks goes to the guys who help make the BIONICLE room a reality at Brickfest 2005 - Mark Durham and Richard Roth from the Mask of Destiny, and Shilo Parker from BZPower.

Pictures of the BIONICLE theme room can be found here.

Marc Reinhardt
Brickfest 2005 BIONICLE Theme Coordinator

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