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 Pohatu Updates And More
Posted by Richard on September 12, 2006 at 10:48 PM CST:
I'm somewhat late getting these updates to the front page news (My web disconnected several times just last night trying to get this up). Kardas, Jordan, And Bionicle Bomb reported some updates on BIONICLE®.com, in particular this new animation featuring the PIRAKA as well as a couple interactive games. It's particularly well done compared to the glitches and choppiness of the Hordika animations. We also have Toa of Cheese and Mr. Bionicle (not to be confused with Dr. Bionicle) who reported that some newer "Free the band" commercials are in circulation. And in this link we can see some different BIONICLE commercials, some new, some old, but the INIKA and "Giants" (the titans as we tend to clasify them) are particularly interesting.

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