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Posted by Raza on July 1, 2006 at 08:48 AM CST:
Mask of Destiny review of Bionicle set - #8734 Brutaka
Review done by Mask of Destiny UK News reporter Raza (PREDATOR)

I will start this review off by giving you some background information on Brutaka-
Once he was a loyal guardian of the Matoran and Axonn?s best friend.
But now, convinced that Mata Nui has abandoned his people, Brutaka has turned selfish and corrupt. He plans to aid the Piraka in their quest to get the Mask of life, then defeat them and take the mask for himself. Powerful enough to defeat six Toa with one blow of his double-bladed weapon, Brutaka alone is a greater threat than all the Piraka combined. He wears the ?Mask of Dimensional Gates?, which can be used to transport a target into another dimension or to another location within this one. BRUTAKA had been sent by the secret organization known as the order of Mata Nui thousands of years ago before Voya Nui tore away form its continent in order to watch over the mask of life?

As you can see from the picture on the box, Brutaka is like the ?JALLER and GUKKO? set but a bit slimmer in width. It?s important to the LEGO® company that the box looks good, so that we?d buy it. The basic image of Brutaka is on the front and an image of Voya Nui in the left hand corner, with ?BRUTAKA? in a cool style of writing with a little image of himself. This year BIONICLE® has changed their ageing system from being 7+/8+/9+ to 8-16 so you won?t get hassled when your parents ask you ?Why are you buying a BIONICLE set that is aged 9+ if your 16-17??

The back of BRUTAKA?s box simply shows 3 images above BRUTAKA himself, each featuring his mask, weapon, and the pistons on his feet (the new feature), below is a shaded image of AXONN with BRUTAKA holding a red glowing rock, could that be the mask of life...? Below that is the fusion of the two titans BRUTAKA and AXONN to create a new creature of destruction!

As you can see from the above picture, it shows a sneak preview of the brand new upcoming ?BIONICLE HEROES? game for Playstation 2 and X-box, to be released winter 2006/2007.

Brutaka?s mask is the biggest BIONICLE mask that LEGO has ever created. I compared the mask to the other big masks but BRUTAKA?s is still the biggest in length and size, a great addition if you like to build from your leftover parts, 2 of these masks can be great for breast plates or shoulder pads.

BRUTAKA?s weapon is not big, but they are very cool looking blades. They don?t connect together like Toa Lhikan?s Blades sadly. Yet again the blades are very cool for builders.

BRUTAKA is a tall set, that?s the first thing you notice and the colour scheme is great, with the blue and gold a great combination. The set does not have any firing or moving mechanisms, No BIONICLE sets for 2006 now has any new feature to show off. If not considering their sheer size or the weapons, then the only feature to speak of is their pistons!

Hidden away on BRUTAKA?s back are two smaller hands that fold out with Takua?s tools in a gold colour. These extra blades can help BRUTAKA in case an enemy disarms BRUTAKA?s primary weapon and his opponent is unaware of the hidden blades!

As you can you can see the pistons give the tall titan great support. So you may put him in many different positions but he will still stand strong and tall. The new piston system in the Bionicle range is very good idea. I hope to see more of the pistons in future sets.

Is it playable?
Yes it is playable, you bash it around and etc., and it won?t fall apart like most titan sets.

Final thoughts on BRUTAKA
In my eyes it?s another great set from the LEGO company, soon as I layed eyes on the 2006 titans I knew that I just had to get BRUTAKA no matter what, it looked so awesome, the size, colour, mask, and weapons. So my final thoughts on BRUTAKA are; it?s a GREAT set. For 14.99 (in pounds, $19.99 in USD), it?s a great price, too. In my opinion you really should get him! Expect a review of our other titan, ?AXONN? from Richard soon so look out for that one, until next time!

Reviewed by Raza (PREDATOR) on behalf of Mask of Destiny.


The Mask of Destiny's Offical Review of Brutaka

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