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BZP Convention MOCs Returning!
Posted by Richard on August 14, 2013 at 11:41 AM CST:
If you mailed in a MOC or two for BZP to display at some LEGO® fan conventions, they've already got MOCs returning to their owners, and with the promised loot! Anyone who mailed in a MOC got a number of freebies depending on the number of conventions they arranged for the MOC to attend, and I now have four very lovely prototype BIONICLE® pieces. Ill have pictures later today for our readers, thanks BZPower!

These are the prototypes BZP sent back with my MOC, none of them are the rough edged 3D printed prototypes you sometimes see, they were all limited test batches from existing molds in test colors. My favorite of the four has to be the zamor sphere, which aside from it's particular colors, has cracks of color that are almost luminescent under the right light and angle. With the exception of the hordika arm which is actually a gold/brown color, the other parts have nothing notable that you cant see in the picture.

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