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BZPower Commemorative Brick Sale
Posted by Richard on July 23, 2007 at 10:32 AM CST:
Chances are you already know about this if you go to BZPower quite often, they are selling 150 commemorative bricks that have been engraved with the site's name. It's limit 2 per person, $5.00 USD with $2.00 USD for shipping costs. The bricks seem to be 6 studs long, so Brickfest atendees will find they can build it into thier name badge, with enough space to add a port for a mask or something at the end with the two stud long empty space. I already have some engraved bricks similar to this, assuming the same quality is in place these should be very sturdy. Only 150 will be sold and I happen to know there are fewer than 148 left ;) ...I should point out these are not a LEGO® promotional but a promotional made from a LEGO product, just to prevent confusion.

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