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Posted by Purple_Dave on September 9, 2003 at 11:14 PM CST:

If you still haven't managed to get your hands on a copper HUNA MASK OF VICTORY, this might very well be your last shot. Blockbuster stores are receiving a special mix of BIONICLE? sets, and most of them have an exclusive bonus. They are arriving in a white tray containing 14 sets. Six of those sets are the full array of TOA NUVA, but with a special twist. They each come with a copper MASK OF VICTORY shrink-wrapped to the outside of the package with a black and yellow tag that says "Limited Edition BIONICLE? Item." The label is also written in French, which makes me suspect that this offer should be available in Canada as well as the US. I managed to pick up a full set of six, but I'm undecided right now as to whether I'll keep them for the sheer novelty of their packaging or if I'll return them so the local kids will have a shot at them.

In addition to the TOA NUVA and four basic RAHKSHI, there are four twin-packed MATORAN sets. The two Blockbusters I went to had one each of the MATORO/KOPEKE and HAFU/MACKU packs, and two of the HEWKII/HAHLI packs. It could be random luck, or it could mean that the HEWKII/HAHLI pack is twice as common as the others. That would make a certain amount of sense, considering how involved HAHLI has become in the storyline, between the MNOLG2 and a fairly involved role in the upcoming MASK OF LIGHT movie. Each twin-pack comes with a gold AVOHKII MASK OF LIGHT, presumedly for those who can't afford to shell out the $30 to buy a TAKANUVA set and get one that way.

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