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Block-Busted II: Clarification?
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 10, 2003 at 10:16 PM CST:
When my local Blockbuster finally got their stock out onto the shelves, I did some further investigating into the unpredictable release strategy. I confirmed my suspicions that the Blockbuster chain is divided up into districts, and each district is directly answerable to their district manager (if one DM says it's okay to release it, that district will, even if another DM has told another district not to). If the district manager did not either list a street-date or state that there was not one, many store managers probably decided not to risk the fine (BTW, it turns out that it's not just $5000 for selling toys before the street-date, but rather $5000 per item actually sold, or $10,000 if it's a DVD or VHS). In a twisted bit of irony, the store I first checked ended up holding off for a while specifically because I came in and asked about them before they got their shipment (it arrived one week ago today, which is well after many stores had sold out). The second store held off because they didn't know where they were supposed to put them. Or at least that's what I was told when I called during lunch. When I went in to buy some, I was told (by someone else) that they don't sell them. They had all the boxes of new toy stock set out to be unpacked, so I was quickly able to point out the one box that was large enough to hold the display tray.

And the moral of the story? If you don't see them, ask. If you get a blank stare, ask someone else. If you still get a blank stare, try a different day, call in by phone...whatever it takes to talk to someone who actually knows what's going on with them. And since this is probably the first time they've actually ever sold The Brick, it might take a little work. Forum Link

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