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Bohrok Invade Google Play, Can You Save The Apps?
Posted by Richard on March 31, 2014 at 11:20 PM CST:
First The LEGO® Company started making apps for Google's android OS, then they collaborated to make Build With Chrome, but now it seems the relationship has gone sour and Bohrok are invading the Google Play store and taking over the apps, can you save the day and find all ten krana infested apps? I already found one, but can you find the rest?

UPDATE: Yes this is an April Fools joke, but the application I linked to was not involved in it, the developers really did make a krana-like mask for their character and when I couldn't think of a better gag this year I improvised. I have no idea if they used the Krana itself as a basis to design the mask or if it's purely a coincidence.

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