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Collector Looking For Comics, Cards, And Belgians
Posted by Richard on July 24, 2017 at 09:39 PM CST:
jchavoya via our forums could use some help getting his hands on some specific BIONICLE® merchandise. If you have any of these items, or live in Belgium, please contact him. I've grouped his most recent requests from different forum posts below:

Comic Con Ignition 3 Variant

Looking to buy or trade for the bionicle 2006 comic con variant of ignition 3. Please let me know if you have it and might be interested in selling or trading. I'd prefer to buy, but can trade the 2003 comic con Bionicle variant of issue 1. Please let me know if interested. Thanks!

Phantoka Battle Cards

Please see the link for details: Biosector Phantoka Battle cards

I'd love to get my hands on a complete set, but am willing to buy or trade for singles. I have many spares for the quest for the masks and Rahi challenge cards (and some spares for the mcdonalds bohrok cards and various masks). Please message me if you're interested in selling or trading. Thanks!

language and condition of card do not matter.

Belgium Exlcusive Merchandise

I really want to buy this Bionicle merchandise, but the website only lets people living in Belgium create an account. Are any Belgians willing to help? I will give you the full amount necessary, money for shipping to the USA, as well as some extra for your trouble. Please message me for details. Thanks for any help!

Cannister front