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DVD Of Light, Part IV
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 8, 2003 at 11:24 PM CST:
In this fourth and final portion of the review, we address the presentation of the DVD itself, and one of the better unmentioned tidbits.

Right off the bat you get hit with the one really annoying part. Permanent advertisements. I don't remember exactly how many movies they try to entice you with, but I do remember that only one of them held any interest for me. You might want to actually watch them at least once, but trust me when I say you might want to have your thumb primed and ready to jab that MENU button the instant they start up.

Once you've jumped that hurdle, you get to watch a brief one-time intro clip that leads into the repeating main menu screen. From there you can work your way through the tree of menu options, and each menu screen offers another breathtaking still from the movie itself, accompanied by a short repeating clip from the soundtrack. The following is a list of the menu screens and their background image:

Main Menu (KOHLII Field)
  • Bonus 1-5 (Lava Falls)
    • Wall of History (TA-KORO Wall)
    • Directors' Commentary (KINI-NUI Shrine)
    • Bonus 6-10 (Lava Falls)
      • Cutting Room Floor (TAHU NUVA Defending)
      • Storyboard to Film Comparisons (KINI-NUI Stone Head)
      • Translation Chart (Non-Movie BOHROK Pod-View)
      • Movie Trailers (ONU-KORO Heat Vent)
      • Register Your DVD (LE-KORO Jungle)

  • Scenes (MASK OF LIGHT Interior View)
  • Set Up (KINI-NUI Waterfall)
    • Captions (TURAHK Attacking)
    • Audio Options (RAHKSHI Pods)

  • Sneak Peeks (TAKUA Stone Head)

The "Sneak Peeks" section is where you can go and watch each individual non-BIONICLE movie trailer (if you didn't hit the MENU button like I suggested), or see a series of clips from the upcoming cross-platform BIONICLE game. The clips are pretty standard fare as far as FPS game clips go (mostly showing the focus character running, jumping, and tossing massive energy bolts around), and it seems to focus mostly on the LEWA NUVA character, though TAHU, KOPAKA, TAHU NUVA, POHATU NUVA, GALI NUVA, and KOPAKA NUVA all make appearances as well, suggesting you'll get the chance to play at least the first twelve TOA characters, though there's nothing to suggest that you get a shot at playing TAKANUVA. One really cool bit that stands out is watching POHATU NUVA run a corkscrew manouver inside a loop of stone...from his perspective. This game looks like it will cover the entire story up to this point, which should help to compensate for the unfortunate cancellation of the first PC game in 2001.

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If you want to see the whole movie, click right here.
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