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Fero and Skirmix Mini Contest Updates
Posted by Richard on January 18, 2009 at 10:07 PM CST:
Some of the incorrect answers I've received:

"In the parts of Interest the review didn't mention about Fero's transparent Orange Iron Man-looking head"

"Misspelled Kanohi as Konohi"

"The Metru Red two Toed claw was included in "Vultraz", thus it is not new."

"Bioniclix isn't new, recolored variant"

"Another minor detail would be that Fero has the new variant Mata foot but in black, which is a new color for that new variant."

"Even though minor, the two Metru Red pieces that act as Skirmix's neck are a new color for the new variant of the piece."

I've actually learned a few interesting facts from the entrants, but not a one so far is a winner. Ill give you guys a mild hint: Your not looking at the review in the right way. Much of what was submitted is based on what I, the writer, understood to be true, so any mistakes based on anything that contradicts what I wrote based on what I thought was true at the time, is probably not the winning mistake. The mistake requires no previous knowledge of BIONICLE® parts or history and is limited to what you can see in the Fero and Skirmix review. Since the mistake is not as obvious as I thought it was, I'm going to tempt you guys by throwing in an uncommon mask, the Copper Mask Of Victory (Copper colored, not made of copper) into the pile of five common masks that make up the prize.

Cannister front