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Five Years And Counting.
Posted by Richard on July 5, 2006 at 05:41 AM CST:
Today marks Mask Of Destiny?s 5th anniversary! I haven?t been with MoD for it?s full five years to give a good short history, however, I have something else in store to commemorate the event! I will be hosting a group of five contests, one contest for each year.

I?ll have more details on the deadline and prizes later, but you must include a valid shipping address (for the prize) with your entry in order to be eligible to win. If you are under 18 please have your parent or guardians? consent, or preferably have them enter your creation for you. Please note right now I am not taking entries. The categories below are subject to change and these are not necessarily all the rules we will use for the contest, but the basic guidelines for them.

Category one: Alternate Model

Limiting yourself to the parts that come in any one BIONICLE® canister set, you must make something completely new! Also, if the set only came with X amount of parts, you may not use more than the amount of that part that the set came with. For example you cannot use more than four VISORAK feet since the set only had that many feet in the first place.

Category two: Way Of The Toa Olda

Build a creation only using parts available before the TOA METRU. In other words no use of TOA METRU parts or any new parts that came out the fallowing years. You MAY use parts that came out in newer colors since then as long as the same part existed before that time.

Category three: All In The Canister

For this category you have to build a set that fits into any BIONICLE canister. This EXCLUDES the TOA INIKA canister. The set must be able to fit into the canister without removing any parts, this includes tools or weapons. The MoC MAY physically attach to the lid, but the MoC?s attachment mechanism must not protrude out of the can?s lid when inside it.

Category four: Inventors Guild

For this contest you have to demonstrate a new ?Concept? to use with a MoC and include an essay about what you invention does and what you speculate it is good for. To be specific you use a part or group of parts a certain way with other parts and then tell us about it and how your idea contributes to fellow MoCers. For example, a kind of shoulder or a fully articulated torso. Perhaps a working toa tool?

Category five: BIG BOB

Build a large scale MoC preferably between two and three canisters tall compared to a PIRAKA or TOA METRU canister. Creativity and use of parts is the key for this one, since a large MoC means he can use more complex tools or have more special features and mechanisms!

Cannister front