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LEGO Game Sale On Switch Console
Posted by Richard on June 15, 2018 at 01:25 PM CST:
Most of the LEGO® branded and licensed video games are half price on the Switch console today. I saw LEGO City Undercover for $14.99 USD, and the same price for LEGO Worlds(although it's DLC is still full priced). Marvel Super Heroes 2 was listed at $29.99, while the Ninjago Movie Videogame was $24.99. I've noticed Switch games tend to be higher priced than their console and PC counterparts, if you can hold out for another console's sale you might get away cheaper if the Switch's portability is not worth the extra cost to you. I've heard reports of some LEGO games not playing as smoothly on the system too, so it may be worth looking up the quirks of each game beforehand. Forum link.

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