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MOC: Sealed Makuta
Posted by Richard on March 8, 2019 at 09:19 PM CST:
Following in the traditions of the product container being used as a building element, I wanted to make use of a BIONICLE Part Tub. I wanted to make a Makuta character trapped in a protodermis cell. I originally envisioned the container just sitting in a technic base with spikes reaching up to grab the sides of the container, but I realized the CCBS pieces could be used to convert the whole container into a fairly solid building platform for this and other ideas. I plan to make a more menacing Makuta to fit inside, but for now I've just stuffed my MNOGKuta inside. There's not muck to say design wise, it's two rings of 14 CCBS arms, with bars of CCBS arms every other arm on the two rings, forming 7 bars. I decided to capitalize on this to represent the 6 original toa plus takanuva's colors on the "bars". If some of the spots seem bare, I am currently short on some CCBS shells. Forum link.

Cannister front