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MOC Spotlight, Kova, By Takal
Posted by Richard on September 1, 2012 at 10:29 AM CST:
When it comes to building a female bionicle character, the only clue that it may be a girl, if Ive personaly built it, is if its the color blue. Takal's Kova manages to look like a girl without the customary Ga Koro colorscheme. -Imatron

Takal: "Anyone with extreme patience or perhaps a degree of masochism who read "After the End" would know of a shortlived Dark Hunter named Kova. He didn't do much, despite the fact that I liked him as a character and wanted to expand on him. Unfortunately, I felt that I hadn't met my fatality quota for that particular scene, and none of the cast at that point were as disposable as he was. He was a white/metru blue titan, fairly poorly constructed. As for pics, this is about the best I can do. He's face-down on the left.

Yeah... not great.

Now, back to 2012. I've decided to write canon characters out of the story's main cast. In one particular case, this leaves a rather gaping hole. Armed with a copy of Priscillla: Queen of the Desert and a collection of LEGO®, I set to work."

And here she is.

I had intended to go with white and blue, like the original, but with so much black and silver necessary, it looked messy and the parts were exchanged for more black or dark grey. I think it looks okay.

Here's a front-shot with weapon lowered.

What is unclear from this is that those rahkshi heads? Elasticated on. Held in place by elastic bands. Kinda' precarious.

From the side,

the rahkshi-skull hips don't look quite so exaggerated. Which is nice.

From the back,

the point of the chains is a little more obvious - the lower back is a little bland, unlike, say, Amana.

Moving on to my customary less-than-serious pics:

Ria, your honour has been challenged.

[Insert obligatory Garrus reference here]

Wonder why she wears a cape? Because I was sure I had another Nivhawk skull.

Unlike Breez, if Denza were ever to take her weapon, she could easily get it back. She's slightly taller than him, which is quite the accomplishment.

However... Tarthus is still taller. As is Nathek. (Pharos actually isn't.)

So I've not actually set a backstory yet. Still toying with ideas.

You can see Takal's original presentation here on the forums.

Cannister front