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MOC Spotlight: Shadowed Noxus, By Shadowed Noxus
Posted by Richard on August 1, 2012 at 10:12 PM CST:
A land filled with mysterious mist, a world sapped of life. You walk down a dark road, seeking the possible culprit of this tragic scene. Biomass and broken machinery litter the landscape, as an enormous tower reaches towards the darkened, smog filled sky in the background.

A gate stands before you, a sharpened gilloutine look to it's massive maw, beckoning you to enter it as if you were to perish in your own nightmares. What is this land? Where are you? What is causing this dreadful feeling?

Beyond the gate, a ghastly scene of broken bodies and masses collagulate across the ground. The mist wraps around these mounds of death, doing nothing more but to add to the dank, dark atmosphere. It's hard to tell that there is even breathable air due to the meer appearance of "The Junkyard."

In the background, a large figure sits among the rubbish, seemingly lifeless. But as you approach, the body begins to stir. Haunting green eyes ignite, and the mass rises, creaking and groaning as it pushes the broken machinery around it to the ground, and causing the pile it sat amongst to collapse. It's harsh form revealed in the fient light reflected a symbology of the broken land around you.

"Who roams this ungodly place...."

"Who dares to treak across this once beautiful land, among the death that sits here now?"

"Beware are in my realm now...."

Anywho, this is Noxus, now rebuilt into a much bigger form because I finally decided I needed to work hard at making a good design for my BIONICLE OC. Noxus is the cursed Guardian of the Shadows, a harbringer of death from the universe he resides in. The land he rests in was once vibrant and beautiful, much like Mata-Nui, but a tragic event wipped the land of it's glory and luster, tripping it into a void, barren wasteland of misery. A once dream-filled hero, Noxus became an anti-toa due to the trickery that ruined his world. His team broken, he fell into the shadows, but not necessarily evil. After seeking out a powerful weapon in order to try to cleanse the land of it's vile curse, Noxus became the form you see now, a body that reflects the surrounding land. Both powerful and massive, it also appears frail, as if time itself has finally determined that his own time is up. However, due to the power of the weapon, Noxus had become the very thing he sought to destroy. He had become death itself.

Editors Note: Usually I use thumnail links but his pictures are sized just right.

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