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MOC Spotlight, "U.H. 8730", By Imatron
Posted by Richard on April 23, 2013 at 06:36 PM CST:
Years ago, when the Hewkii Inika set went on sale for $2.50 USD on LEGO S@H, I ordered a bunch because I wanted to see what a full ring of Zamor ammo clips looked like when made into a complete ring. This left me with a bunch of leftover parts and eventually resulted in Project Uber Hewkii. Now I present to you a more finalized version.

I still would not call him finished, theres still a few odds and ends that I'd like to work on, but I've moved on to other projects because he's "finished enough" and I cant quite figure out what and how to change him with the parts on hand. He is fully articulated if you ignore the wrist and fingers, but thats an artistic technicality if you ask me. He can twist at the torso, and even bend forward and backward a little bit. He can also perform a shrugging gesture, since the left and right sides of the upper torso can individually raise and lower about an inch and a half.

Story wise, I decided he would be a prototype mining machine that never made it to production, and wound up in the hands of a matoran called "The Captain", an enthusiast in crime fighting who wanted to demonstrate that matoran could be strong without becoming a toa. The prototype machine, U.H. 8730 (For Project Uber Hewkii and the inika version's set number) just happened to match his own colors, so he thought it was the perfect sidekick for those situations where he was just a smidge too short.

The legs and arms each employ few tricks you might find interesting, Ill name a couple but let you try to figure the rest out, I wouldnt know how to describe them all. I pinned some beams and arm double sockets end to end and then stabalized the structure with the front armor to build the legs. On the hands/forarms, you might like how the black size three pin holds the hnd in place between the curved braces, and while I dont quite like it, the yellow peice in the palm is all that keeps some of the fingers from wobbling around freely.

And here we have the spine, shown from the back so you can see it in action. This is one of my favorite aspects of the MOC since it allows a model of this size to bend at the waist and still support its weight pretty well.

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