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Who is your favorite Toa?


Mask Of Destiny Contest '07
Posted by Richard on November 1, 2007 at 12:21 AM CST:
The LEGO? company's involvement. Our contest IS NOT ENDORSED, RUN, OR OTHERWISE AUTHORIZED BY THE LEGO COMPANY, nor are we owned by them. This is for the most part a fan run web site that the LEGO company has supported with news, and the occasional press release kit and prizes.

Contest categories:

As written in the rules at the end of this page, you may only enter ONE (1) category, so please choose wisely!

Building, Mahri Revamp: Take an existing MoC (My own Creation) or build a new one and take pictures of it. Then either rebuild that MoC or make a new one based on your original MoCs design and recreate it to be suitable for an aquatic environment. The MoC must significantly resemble the original. MoCs will be judged based on creativity, use of parts and how well the balance between the original and mahri-tized MoC compare to each-other. Uncolored water is allowed to be used with the MoC in some form if desired. Ill need before and after pictures, as well as any others you find necessary to show off it's design. A Bio is optional, but a description of the MoC's design is preferred. Of further note, you are NOT supposed to revamp an actual LEGO set, your supposed to revamp something YOU created in an aquatic theme, and send us before and after pictures for your entry.

Draw, A toa's duty: Draw a picture on paper depicting a Toa's interaction with the matoran in some form. A toa or a matoran does not actualy have to be in the picture, so longs as the theme is properly depicted. The characters may not speak in the form of a speach bubble, but you are allowed a caption of up to fifteen words underneath the picture or somewhere in a corner, though a caption will not increase your grade. You are allowed to have words on signs along the scenery, and the picture must not be edited by computer or colored, though you may ink the picture in black and/or shade it, so long as it is hand drawn. The caption must contain no profanity unless comedicaly referenced with another word more suitable for younger audiances.

Story, Glimpse of a Toa: Write a fairly short story or bio about a toa of your creation (no toa MoC is actually needed for this, it can be a completley fictonal character based only from your entry). It must depict what that toa is like. How much you can depict in as little as possible is the key, but it must have good grammer and be well written. Ill also be looking for balance in the character, so dont give us a superpowered toa and tell about how he is the ultimate supertoa of all time. Between one and two pages of writting is the target size for those who must have one, and must contain no profanity unless comedicaly referenced with another word more suitable for younger audiances.


Currently planned for each first place winner is a Toa Mahri set of their choice and a Copper Mask Of Victory (which MIGHT be substituted for another promotional mask. Ill add that the mask is copper colored, and not metal for those unfamiliar with it). My goal is to give back what was given to me, and since I received three free toa Mahri sets from the LEGO company to review prior to their release this year, I plan to take the money that I would have spent on those toa Mahri, and use it to buy three new off the shelf Mahri sets as the prizes. It is possible that other prizes may be awarded but at this time I haven't made plans.


*Entries will only be taken by email, I will not accept them through PMs, MSN conversations, or any other method. You may only enter ONE (1) category, any other entries sent in by the same person will be discarded. If too much complication arises from multiple entries from one person, I will completely remove the entrant. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN BEFORE NOVEMBER 21st by Eastern time, making November 20th the last day to enter.

*PLEASE include "MoD Contest '07" in the email's subject, it makes things much easier for me!

*If you should forget to link or attach a portion of your entry, I will try to email you and let you know, but if you forgot your address, and do not have it to me before the entry deadline, you will NOT be eligible for a prize, but if your entry wins you will still be acknowledged as the winner, and another entrant will receive the prize.

*If you are not 18 or older, PLEASE get your parent or guardian's permission before entering the contest, or better yet have them place your entry for you. This means actually showing them this entry page and having them approve that you'd be sending us your address. You should always be careful on the Internet and take caution to establish the legitimacy of a website.

*If your unsure about the category rules, you may email me and I will do my best to explain them or to approve or deny the use of any unaccounted for factors.

*Staff members and moderators may enter but they will not be eligible for any prizes or be considered for first place, but they will however be able to see where their entries stand compared to other entries when I judge them, and will be recognized if they win the member's vote or editors choice for their category. This means if a staff member or moderator entry is first place on the list for their category, the next entrant on the list will take first place. The list I speak of will not be visible to other members of our forums.

*When prizes are shipped, I will not take responsibility for any taxes or additional fees necessary for you to receive the prize. I will be paying the taxes on the item itself when I buy it of course, but Ive had trouble in the past when someone demanded I pay the VAT charge for picking up their part of a trade. Be aware that any prizes won may be shipped in two separate packages since i might ship directly from LEGO® Shop At Home while I mail the promotional mask from my post office. It may take me a while to organize shipping so be patient

*Polls for the member vote are currently planned to take place on our forums by our registered members, we are looking into a secure method to allow our readers without a forum membership to vote, but you might just have to register as a forum member, or re-register if your account was lost or damaged during the hardware failure, in order to vote. The polls will take place after I have organized all the entries for judging, and may be used as a tie breaker. Ill have the polls up as soon as I can, and the same goes for when I announce the winners.

*Rules may be subject to change if unforseen issues come up.

To enter:

Send entries to either or Be sure to include:

*Screen name or MoD forum name.
*What category your entry is for
*The attached entry or a link to a photo gallery containing your entry. Be sure to designate what picture is your entry picture in the gallery.
*Address to be eligible for a prize
*Any comments you find necessary to go with your drawing, story, or MoC, though if you enter the drawing contest I recommend you let the picture speak for itself.

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