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MoD?s Fifth Year Contest Winners!
Posted by Richard on September 1, 2006 at 02:47 PM CST:
*Whew* I?ve had a hard time between working, a couple of conventions, and various other things (Ok I got lazy and played some video games too?), but here are the winners;


This contest had more entrants that any other, and I had a hard time deciding between the final four, to be honest they each had a great level of design, but I could only pick one as a winner?

WhereMagnus?s entry, which had a somewhat better level of description compared to other entries in the category pulled into the lead by the very fact that other entries had really only one or two sentences of description, if any description at all. The MoC itself featured a lot of unique, well, features. It?s best if you look at the gallery for yourself, needless to say, very good use of parts, some simple and complex ideas used together in the same creation.


In this category, I was looking for clever use of parts in coordination with the canister itself, I did not see any entries that had the clever usage I was hoping for, such as a ship in a bottle or a rahi in stasis, or something where the lid was part of the MoC itself. Sadly, I didn?t se anything that had such a clever use, so I selected the overall best MoC amongst the entrants. Brogen's entry Zenith, Toa of Gravity took first from his use of smaller parts to create an entirely from scratch design with a colorscheme of grey, black, and a little orange to offset him from being identified as a standard toa element.


?The Shaman?, who appears to have been built by Plazmaholic going by the brickshelf folder, was victorious in this category, using a visorak?s parts to create a humanoid figure, and using the pointed feet to create a more standard foot design was ingenious. This MoC used the pincers, rubber band, and zip cord to create a ?staff of dreams? with the already limited part supply. To the best that I can describe him, he has that tiki masked shaman look, his name being Shaman, this is a advantage to the design.


Lastly, we have Bohrockers? entry, ?Nirgous? (near-goss) as first place winner for this category. Though this one was also entered in the ?All In The Canister? category, he places first with his semi-anatomical spine design featured on Nirgous. Below is his own description:

My entry for the Inventor's Guild category and All in the Canister category is Nirgous (Near - goss)

He sports a specially made spine that allows him almost completely anatomically correct movement. He can bend sideways without moving at the waist, and can bend backward. It is made by a serious of ball joints and y-hip joints all connected. It could be used in the body of a large MoC for incredible pose-ability. The silver bendy parts are used in the rip-cage to restrict the spine to more realistic poses, instead of completely bending over backwards. It still will allow for a "Neo" pose if you really want it too though, and it can almost touch it's own toes. One of the downsides to building this spine though, is you need to have many ball joints and y-hip joints lying around. The bigger your MoC the more you'd need to use. I didn't have all size canisters available to me, but he is able to fit into the smallest canister I own, a Hockey Set Canister. No parts from him have to be removed, but he does need to be folded up.


Hmmm, I did imply the previous category as being last to be spoken of, in a manner of speaking it was, we had no entries for this category. So?what does this mean? We will be having a fallow up contest later for just this category, Ill have more details later, but if you entered the other categories already you will not be eligible to enter this one when we reopen the category.

With that said, Ill be talking with the winners of the first four categories to see about thier prizes. Forum link

Cannister front