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More Lesovikk Issues!?
Posted by Richard on September 4, 2007 at 10:50 PM CST:
A few readers have e-mailed me to confirm the same piece was missing from their set, David Lau informs me that his store in Singapore had the set listed as sold out online, but in stock at his local store, and to make things better they just received a shipment of the specific missing part to be handed out with the set, if I understood correctly. I haven't heard anything on Walmart, who aside from buying it directly from the LEGO® company has the exclusive right to sell the set in the United States right at this time. Unfortunately, reader Armen sends news of defective sockets in Lesovikk, where upon trying to remove the ball joint from the lime green socket that makes up his neck, ankles and hands (5 total), the part snaps in half either down the middle or where it grips the ball joint itself. Armen isn't the only one, my Lesovikk has the defective parts too but I never noticed since you have to try and remove the part in order for it to break. After talking to a LEGO representative, I cant remember the exact words, but if I remember correctly the part was cooled too quickly after it came out of the mold which caused the part to be brittle. Armen replaced his sockets with parts barrowed from his Barraki Ehlek set, if your not the patient type you could do the same while you contact the LEGO company and wait for your replacements.

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