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Non Leaked 08 Set Pictures On Youtube?
Posted by Richard on October 7, 2007 at 11:31 PM CST:
Someone on YouTube has posted an interesting video (more of a slideshow with commentary actually) depicting what looks like BIONICLE® 2008 sets! The quality of the photos are surprisingly good, so I highly doubt they are leaked. My thanks to the person who posted the images on youtube, as well as Daikunus and Talok-Toa of Storms for pointing this out. My email is being bombarded with spam bots at the moment so my apologies to those who may have emailed us with this and gone unmentioned while I sort through hundreds of spam messages, which ironically I suspect are hitting me from youtube...

EDIT: Due to our Policy, We can't discuss this until the official images have been released -Rapi

EDIT: ... actually, we CAN discuss it, and it looks like they are still leaked, but when a LEGO® representative directly contacts us with the directions and specifics, we will try our best to accommodate them, currently I have not seen a request. But...our forums are down anyway. -Imatron/Richard

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