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Pictures From NCLUG July 2018 Meeting
Posted by Richard on August 14, 2018 at 07:13 PM CST:
The North Carolina LEGO Users Group held a meeting last month, and as usual, they brought some of their creations with them to show off. I was fortunate enough to have a late shift at work so I could attend and photograph the creations. I've left commentary on a few of the creations below.

Jurassic Park Roller Coaster

This coaster is actually part of a much larger creation the builder has been working on. The builder mentioned how the coaster doesn't get especially great distance, so it's been a challenge to add booster modules throughout the larger display. There's also a video of the coaster running in the album somewhere.

Analog Display Table

This is actually one of my MOCs, it's supposed to be like one of those toys with all the pins than mimic whatever you push into it. In the case of my MOC, the yellow pins are free floating, with an elevator underneath to raise an object into the pins. The idea was to be a toa/matoran sized computer display, showing various kinds of information like terrain. A removable tray lets you build images for the pins to mimic. Turning the gears at the bottom of the table raises the elevator.

Finished WIP From A Previous Meeting

You may recognize parts of this creation from a previous meeting I uploaded pictures from. Back then I think it was just the legs and the lightning ring. Now that it's finished, it's hard to see all the interesting joint designs inside of it. It's creator, Duncan (one of the few NCLUG member's who's name I can remember), has come up with a number of amazing methods of articulation for his creations.

Strategically Located Barn

I didn't hear anything from this creation's builder, so I don't know if its just a missile firing barn, or if perhaps it's a Goldeneye villain's lair or something. I didn't even notice the missile coming out of the silo at first, but once you've realized more is going on with this barn, there are other hidden details to try and look for.


Quite a bit of engineering went into this battleship. The sides of the ship were described to me as being more like a separate creation designed to fit over the main body. Trying to get the angles to fit and hold together was the biggest challenge of it's design.

Modular Sci Fi Building

If you look carefully, you'l notice that this building is actually in the magazine in the bottom left of the picture. I don't know it's a copy of the magazine, or if it's the original and it was features in the magazine. This is just one of several modular scifi buildings at the meeting, some of which are particularly detailed and colored with unique parts.

Moon Base Batmen

To be honest I don't think anyone could have missed the ears, but in that off chance, all the minifigures in this display are Batman recolored in the classic space theme.


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