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Prepare For Toa-Fall
Posted by Richard on April 6, 2017 at 09:10 PM CST:

An island once destroyed by war has risen from the ashes of destruction, and while the nation is at peace, they are constantly developing weaponry to prevent another great invasion. Their version of Ko Wahi has made a name for itself with it's advance biomechanics and giant mechanized weapons. One of their greatest weapons is the Ko Nui Mecha-Toa, a semi autonomous walker designed to take the utility of a humanoid form to a larger scale.

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Mech Suit

Its got a great deal of articulation, though with some limitations. I wanted to use the big turntables to help give it a mechanical appearance. Just under these big turntable gears are another joint that lets the arms and legs move out sideways from the body.

While this isn't a problem for the legs, the arms could not really bend inward from the shoulders, so they could not reach the areas directly in front of the mech's body. To make up for this range of motion, I added a second joint just under the elbow that allows the arms to reach that region, for things like lifting the pilot into the pod. The hands are technically fused to the lower arm, which was somewhat intentional for the mechanical design I was going for, though they rotate 360 degrees around the lower arm using the two sockets on the longer CCBS arms to reinforce it.

The entire upper body is attached by a single ball joint, but reinforced with the four pistons. This lets the upper body pivot forward, backward, dieways and rotate to some degree around the lower body. The original design used a turntable, and I had intended him to be able to rotate 360 degrees, but the weight and construction quality just didn't work out. The end result however is both visually appealing and functional, if a little hallow looking.


The pod took the most work out of the entire design, and went through a great deal of change. The original pod could fit a full sized G2 Toa Tahu. The design had to shrink because it was just too big and too flexible since it's rounded design used ball joints to create.

The cockpit doors actually went through a few changes because of how cramped the space was to work with. As the design developed, I wound up with something more like the Titanfall 2 pods.


I built a simple pilot to go along with the mech, though I intend to make him a little more detailed at a later time. I gave him a wrist computer to help make up for the computer monitors and instruments I didn't have time to work into the interior of the pod itself.

Insignia Pad

There was a bit of an emty spot I wanted to fill on the shoulders, when I realized it would make a good spot for a building plate to make an emblem. For now I've improvised a Unity Duty Destiny symbol.


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