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Rahkshi Hunter, Now With 50% More Rahkshi!
Posted by Richard on May 3, 2013 at 09:59 PM CST:
I've made some revisions to my rahkshi hunter, it still needs some work but I think you will enjoy some of the changes, including a method to use rahkshi fins without a curved shell piece. The original can be seen here

I've bulked him up a bit and reworked the torso armor, which were two of the most un-liked features from our forum members. My favorite thing out of the revision has to be the spiked shoulder on the side. The gist of how it's built can be seen below. The rahkshi fins are notoriously hard to use without being attached to the curved shell of a rahkshi's back, which is the same green armor piece that makes up his right leg.

The torso was one of those experimental accidents, it almost looks too organic for his overall design. I even wonder if it would be more appropriate on a female toa design, which doesn't help that he's already blue, which is the official color of most female characters in the official BIONICLE® story. The armor is only connected by one pin on each half, and it kind of self locks. In the picture below, a couple of the pins are there just to discourage them from swiveling out of place.

Down to the legs, there's nothing new on the green one, but the blue leg has been bulked up considerably, using a variation of the legs I used for my ice titan, Toa Kalmaruhade(A slightly outdated version can be seen here).

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