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Retro News: December 11-20 2001
Posted by Richard on December 22, 2012 at 09:43 PM CST:
Most of the links that take you outside of MoD in this retro news article no longer work or take you to sites that are no longer in operation and have been turned into filler/spam sites, I do not recomend clicking any of them. The bohrok pictures in the "Thump." article work, the thumbnails just seem to be out of order.

December 11th 2001

When What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear...

December 12th 2001

Always Read The Fine Print...

The Dirt, The Whole Dirt, And Nothing But The Dirt

December 13th 2001

Market Watch: The Sky Is Falling!

December 14th 2001

New Catalog Pics

BOHROK Aisle Hanger
**Related image

December 15th 2001

The End?

Web Site Winners Announced

Where It All Began

December 16th 2001

Quest For The Boardgame

**Related Images: 1 2

December 17th 2001


Press kit:
Editors note: half the article would not show up in the normal link, so Ive included it here:
Philip and I got BIONICLE? press kits today, which are chock full of neat things, some of which I haven't had a chance to check out yet. When we find out which things we are permitted to show, I'll start loading pics in for you to see. For now, Philip said it would probably be okay to show you pics of the BOHROK that I got, so the review is posted below.

Incidentally, the BOHROK are not slated to be released until March, so don't make your parents/friends/significant others waste their time trying to find these to put under the tree...

Update: Some people have written in asking what a 'press kit' is.
Read the---> details

December 18th 2001

BIONICLE.COM Gets Overhauled

December 19th 2001

Going, Going, Gone...

December 20th 2001


How Many Krana?


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