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Retro News: June 21-30 2002
Posted by Richard on July 2, 2013 at 10:24 PM CST:
The Mask Of Destiny retro news collects links to past news articles and posts them within a few days of that article's anniversary. Many of the articles unfortunately contain dead links or go to websites that are no longer in service, and the articles themselves no longer appear as they used to due to changes in our hosting software. I would remove the dead links one by one, if not for the fact that doing so would remove the author's proper credit since their names are no longer in the system. Please keep this in mind when visiting our older articles.

June 21st 2002

Press Kit Background Story

TOA NUVA Press Kit Poster
**Related image.

June 22nd 2002

BIONICLE? #8 Comic Script Now Online

June 23rd 2002

BOHROK Tour 2002
**Related images: 1, 2 3

What's In A MOC?

June 24th 2002

!? ? Continued
**Related image.


June 25th 2002

HAU Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Pieces.
**Related image.

June 26th 2002

Two From Thee But None From Me
**Related image.

June 27th 2002

Shh, Be Vewy Vewy Quiet. We're Hunting VAHI...

June 28th 2002

The All-New 2 HUKI-Power Engine

RAMA-rkable Prices

June 29th 2002

S@H Goodness

NUVA Stickas
**Related image.

June 30th 2002

Westward, Ho!


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Cannister front