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Retro News: November 11-20 2001
Posted by Richard on November 22, 2012 at 07:55 PM CST:
This Retro News segment's highlights include questionable mask collector case choices, the introduction of the gold colored masks, fan trouble for Dave, outdated price estimates for your collection, and an obscure guest appearance of the toa in a comic.

Editors note: There are a lot of dead links in this batch.

November 11th 2001

Spotlight: GOLD HAU
**Related image.

Bird Of A Very Different Feather
**Related image.

November 12th 2001

Review: Toys "R" Us Collector Case
**Related image.

BioniBook On The Horizon

November 13th 2001


Mask Watch: How Much Is That Mask Worth?

Whole Lotta Black Parts

November 14th 2001

Spotlight: TAHU Display On Brickbay
**Related image.

Where's TAHU?

November 15th 2001

Tale Of The TOA
**Related image.

November 16th 2001

GBA Cheat Codes In LEGO? MANIA? Magazine

November 17th 2001

The Seven Tohungurai

November 18th 2001

Market Watch: A New World Record

November 20th 2001

RED RURU Immigrating To North America

New Masks On!


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