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Review: Legends #4: Legacy of Evil
Posted by Mark on September 11, 2006 at 10:12 AM CST:
7000 years in the making, BIONICLE® Legends #4: Legacy of Evil begins at the top of 777 steps and ends not all that many steps down it. The bulk of the story takes place in the span of a few seconds as ZAKTAN recalls the seven-thousand year history that has brought him to this moment.

Much like a "clips" show on TV or the "deleted scenes" on a DVD from a movie that was cut down to fit into two hours, Legacy of Evil is filler material. But, ahh, what filler! Greg Farshtey takes the time to go back and revisit just about anything and everything that has ever happened in the BIONICLE universe and examine it from the perspective of the PIRAKA.

That does not mean that you can skip this book though. There are revelations here not to be found elsewhere. Ever wonder who VEZON is and where he came from? Ever wonder what was left behind the door that ultimately crushed TAKUTANUVA? Ever wonder where the PIRAKA got hold of TOA canisters? All of those answers and more are here, not to mention ominous portents of what is yet to come.

The body count in this book is unimaginably high, although seldomly gratuitous or explicitly graphic. It just comes with the territory of chronicling these agents of little more than constant death and distruction over the span of seven millennia. In between the mayhem, but just as often during, the PIRAKA take time out for ruthless scheming, bickering, double-crossing, and treachery. The book's funniest moments are when the PIRAKA deal with their interpersonal problems as only PIRAKA can.

All in all, Legacy of Evil is more than worthy of three seconds of your time. It is a rare obstruction ? an enjoyable speed-bump in the race for the Mask of Life.

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