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Rokenbok Going Out Of Business
Posted by Richard on November 13, 2018 at 10:19 PM CST:
Outside of the LEGO® brand, I only respect two other building toy brands. The manufacture of one of these brands has decided to end production of their Rokenbok building system. The Rokenbok toys involved building a world around the functionality of their construction themed vehicles, mostly tasking players with scooping and moving balls called roks around their environment. Just search youtube for Rokenbok to see what it's all about, and why I'm sad to see such a fun toy leave the market.

Although Rokenbok is going out of business, its not because the company making it has gone bankrupt. Instead, they have found a new calling with making stem products for children's education under their non-profit called Kid Spark Education. Shutting down Rokenbok will allow them to focus all their efforts on this endeavor. Forum link.

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