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Still Searching?
Posted by Mark on September 23, 2003 at 12:00 AM CST:
You may enter the "BIONICLE?: Search for the Seventh Toa Contest" as often as you like through the end of October as long as you are between the ages of five and eighteen, and there is no better time to find him than now. If you have not figured out where he is from the clues that tell you where he is not, then watch the movie, read the book, or read the comic (Issue #14) and you'll find him for certain!

Keep in mind that there are two versions of the contest: the contest on, and the contest on The two contests share the Grand Prize, but they have separate-but-similar prizes for First, Second, and Third Prizes. The biggest difference between the two contests is that has twice as many Second and Third Prizes as Scholastic.

Here is the news part: I noticed when the Scholastic web site first went online that the "mail-in sweepstakes form" (the free one online) at was exactly like the form over at in terms of mailing address. I made some inquiries, and thanks to Greg Farshtey and Katie, we discovered that the form was in error. The form has since been corrected.

Here is the skinny in a nutshell: Entries mailed to PO Box 5486 are entered into the contest, and entries mailed to PO Box 5431 are entered into the Scholastic contest. The "WEB" and "SCH" codes do not determine which contest is entered, only the PO Box does that.

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