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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Richard on July 11, 2006 at 03:41 PM CST:

JALLER INIKA has three separate colors, red, crystal clear orange, and gold. Like MATORO all of his sockets joints come in this beautiful crystal color, comparable to that of the RAHKSHI?s eyes except a lighter color and more transparent. The best way to compare is to see it for yourself. The red of course is the METRU shade we?ve been seeing with the newer LEGO products, which his feet, lower legs, lower arms, and armor come in, as well as the back of his torso which holds the arms. His front torso armor, zamor gun (Not the clip which comes in red) as well as his fire-sword tool come in the same gold as featured in BRUTAKA.

I suppose I should retract my statement about the TOA INIKA being wide and flat, JALLER?s front torso piece is closer in and streamlined around his body, resulting in a much skinnier and more proportional appearance, the only downside being that from the backside there is a bit of a gap (On MATORO the front torso molds better to his side, eliminating the gap) which isn?t really all that bad. This particular shape is a welcomed addition especially with all the compiled diversity in the INIKA designs, as it gives his front side an entirely different look. His left arm holds his zamor launcher while the right holds his sword. The sword itself, well I don?t like it, as it looks too asymmetrical and jagged. Perhaps a swirled design similar to that of TAHU?s sword would have suited him better? JALLER?s sword has a lovely green flash, the downside being it doesn?t exactly look fiery.

JALLER?s mask is one of the more unique masks in the aspect that is uses a gap at the cheeks and a gap on the top of the head to expose more of that annoying green blob, but in a more creative way. The effect looks cool having the green leak through the wholes in the head while a hole at the mouth reveals a sliver of white ?teeth?. From there the last thing to note on JALLER would be while MATORO and NUPARU had the vahki style lower arms, JALLER has lower arms like that of the TOA METRU?s lower legs, and that he features the spikey toed foot.

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