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The Largest LEGO Mario Expansion Set Is 229.99 USD
Posted by Richard on July 17, 2020 at 08:07 PM CST:
Surely by now you've seen the LEGO® Nintendo Entertainment System. However, you may not have known that it also interacts with the upcoming electronic LEGO Mario figure. If you look through the additional pictures for this pricey set, you will see a perch for LEGO Mario to sit on top of the TV while his 8 bit LEGO counterpart runs through his hand cranked 2D course. If you look at the partially constructed TV and screen, you will see several tiles on top of the "screen". These are some of the interactive plates that the LEGO Mario figure is engineered to detect and react to. They are positioned so that the electronic Mario lights up and reacts in sync to the goombas and powerups that the 8 bit Mario hops over. Forum link.

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