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The Play's the Thing ...
Posted by Mark on July 14, 2006 at 03:11 PM CST:
The title of BIONICLE® Legends 3: Power Play refers not only to a pivotal "play for power" found within its pages, but also to a "drama about power"; who has it, what you do with that power, and what that power does to you. The six characters most interested in their new powers are the Toa Inika, the suffix inika chosen by Jaller for its meaning of "the energies of a star."

If you have seen the Toa Inika sets or read any of the Toa Inika reviews, then you know that these Toa are significantly different from the Toa that have come before. Those differences are not just cosmetic changes but intricately and seamlessly woven into the story.

Fortunately, the personalities of the Toa Inika have not (yet?) changed much from when they were merely Matoran. Jaller in particular makes for a refreshingly different Toa of Fire more of a leader and less of a hot-head.

But the story does not dwell upon these intriguing psychological elements. Those are just the spices of this stew. The meat and potatoes of the book are the same as always: action, action, and more action.

With the arrival of the Toa Inika to Voya Nui, you would think all of the players are at the table. But the race to the Mask of Life has only just begun, and the end of the book reveals that there are still others who will play a part. Indeed, with Matoran, Toa Inika, Piraka, and the very-grey Order of Mata Nui involved already and the possibility for Toa Nuva, Dark Hunters, and the Brotherhood of Makuta (not to mention Makuta himself) to show up at any time, you are looking at the potential for the BIONICLE equivalent of Armaggedon.

With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, why not?

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