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The Puppet Master
Posted by Richard on February 23, 2019 at 09:34 AM CST:
I built this shortly before LEGOPalooza last month so I would have at least one new creation at the event. I got the idea from a LEGO Ideas book that featured a marionette made using U joints and string.

I have not thought of an in depth story for him yet, though I imagine him as being a jail warden of sorts, using his puppet to control his inmates when they try to escape. I tinkered with the hand design for a while before settling on what I wound up with, and built the rest of his design in about a day once I had that figured out.

What I originally envisioned was to rig a lever or two in back of his hand, allowing me to pull the arms of the puppet up and down as a play feature. For now though I've settled on using his fingers to hold and pose the chains and arms of the puppet. Since his puppet hand is basically his entire lower arm, I added an extra joint to allow the hand to level out, although I did add a gear in the back to tilt the hand back and forth and make the puppet dance a bit.

The other arm features a retracting chain play feature, with a hero factory hand cuff. The idea is he could shoot it out to latch onto a target's neck and control him with a direct connection. The chain fits through the gap in the claws without hampering it's mobility, allowing it to look like the cuff shoots out of the hand itself rather than his wrist.


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