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Two Non LEGO? Black Friday Deals For LEGO Enthusiasts
Posted by Richard on November 21, 2012 at 07:56 PM CST:
Anyone interested in some Non-LEGO® construction may want to check out these black friday specials:

Rokenbok's eShop. Rokenbok is a remote control system that features a building element and some of the coolest remote control vehicles Ive ever seen. Dont let the Infra-Red controllers fool you, they have a better range than any LEGO branded IR controller Ive ever used.

Terraria. Think of a 2D Metroidvania minecraft with an emphasis on combat and gear crafting, and this is what you get. At ten bucks, this is an excellent game. Currently its on sale for less than half of that on Steam, and Ive put more than 280 hours into this one. If you think you can hold out, I've seen this game go for $2.50 USD on steam a number of times, so you might be better off waiting. Forum link.

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