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VIP Exclusive Deals Running October 10th-25th
Posted by Richard on October 4, 2017 at 04:35 PM CST:
If your a LEGO® VIP member with a big purchase planned, you may want to wait a few days (Unless your after the 75192 Millennium Falcon™, nobody can be too sure when or if it will be available again). Purchases made between October 10-25 will get you twice the VIP points, which is normally like getting 5% of your purchase back as coupons. If you can wait a few days, it will be like getting 10% back instead. If you DID manage to buy the new Millennium Falcon during the points special, you would be getting $80.00 USD in coupons back, instead of just 40.00. Not bad for a free loyalty card program. Then there's a free gift for spending 125.00 USD or more. It appears to be a mini LEGO store with checkout counter, though I wonder if that's actually just a stand in image for the actual set? Forum link.

Cannister front