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Who Wants To See Their MOC's On The Front Page?
Posted by Richard on October 23, 2013 at 07:47 PM CST:
We would like to get some more MOCs displayed on our front page (Halloween themed LEGO® creations or even costumes would be great too if you have any!), and chances are good you can see yours here unless we suddenly get 100 requests.


*Mask Of Destiny is primarily a BIONICLE® themed news site, so Bionicle and Hero Factory themed MOCs are preferred, though that doesn't mean we will turn down something that doesn't fit that category.

*MOC stands for My Own Creation. Please do not send us anything that you personally did not design. If you based your creation on another persons design and have added some of your own ideas to it, that's ok to send in but please note that you based it on another person's work and who's work it is.

*Please do not send us something you found around the internet, regardless of if you intend to properly credit the creator, if you know somebody with a creation you want to see featured, please get their permission to send it in first, or preferably, ask him/her to submit the creation personally.

*Recolors, modifications, and improvements on existing off the shelf sets are ok if you put some effort into them.

*Please do not try to pass off somebody else's work as your own, this has happened before and it never really works out well for the individual who tries to take credit for something that's not theirs. Its actually much easier to verify the owner of the images than you might think.

*Please try to give us clear pictures of the creations, if its a little blurry because you have to work with a bad camera resolution, we will still try to post it if the creation is recognizable enough.

*Some cameras have a macro mode, which is represented as a flower icon. If your having trouble taking a picture, try enabling macro mode, stand back about 6 feet and then zoom in on the MOC till it fills the picture. Also try putting a solid background behind the creation and lighting it up well.

Submitting MOCs

*To submit a creation, please upload the images to a site like, and send us an email to news2(at) with a description and a link to the folders the creation is in.

*You can also sign up on our forums and post your creation in the MOC section.
-You could then send me a PM, or make a topic in the BIONICLE® And Site News section with the link or the MOC itself to make sure I see it. From there Ill try to get it on the front page and then move the topic or delete the links once it's done.
-I try to check for account signups at least once a day, please be patient if I'm taking a while. I swear I only ever get signups on days I've forgotten to check.

*Submitting multiple MOCs is okay, please try to separate one MOC per email or forum topic you use to submit it.

***Please specify if you do not want us to save copies of your MOC to our server. I will usually upload the image/links to our server so we can keep the image online should your photo server go offline. We will always try to remove any MOCs you submit to our site should you ask us to, but if you don't want to go through our staff to remove the image, you can ask us not to host it in the first place and instead have us use the link from your preferred host site. That way you can delete the image from your host to stop us from displaying it.

*The way we display your MOC will always be somewhat different from the format you present it to us in. Please do not be offended if I do not post all the pictures or description of a particular creation you submit. This is mostly because of the software I'm working with and time constraints I might have.

As always, thank you all for you submissions, from MOCs to news.

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