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Hero Factory Break-Out Sets In TRU Stores, BOGO 50% Off Sales
Posted by Richard on December 13, 2011 at 05:40 PM CST:
If you have not already seen it on BZPower (who also have reviews up for some of the new H.F. sets), the new Breakout sets from Hero Factory are making their way into Toys R Us stores and their shop at home service. The sets are on sale in TRU stores and online (buy one get one half off), but are in most cases at least two dollars higher than the expected price buying it from LEGO® Stores and thier own S@H site (Which currently do NOT have these products).

My math could be off, and it does not count tax, but assuming its right, Toys R Us has the better price for the duration of the sale. You get each 7.99 set (9.99 in TRU) .50 cents cheaper than full price in a LEGO Store, or each 12.99 set (14.99 in TRU) for $1.75 cheaper than through TLC when these sets are bought in pairs to get the other same-priced set 50% off. A word of caution however, it seems you need a coupon to do this in stores, and depending on how thay match the sets for the sale, buying two 14.99 sets and two 9.99 sets in the same transaction might net you only 1.00 savings total since some stores might only match the highest priced BOGO item to the lowest priced compatible item. If this is the case and you try to maximize your savings by doing two individual transactions, well, the coupon is limit one per customer in stores, and two seperate online purchases will get you with the shipping. Watch out for taxes too, even if the sets themselves are cheaper, you might still have to pay taxes based on the original price of the item, rather than the sale price. With my local state tax, Id actually pay .28 cents more in tax on two 9.99 sets at tru versus the 7.99 at a LEGO Store, making my actual savings per 7.99 set .36 cents instead of .50. It looks like the 14th of December is the last day for the sale, so if it looks like it will pay off, act quickly!

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