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LEGO VIP Now Offers More Rewards For Your Points
Posted by Richard on July 27, 2019 at 05:43 PM CST:
A while back The LEGO® Group informed us that there would be changes to their rewards program. A couple days ago I made my first purchase since the change and found some interesting changes. The biggest change makes it just a bit harder to use your points, but gives you more reward options.

When placing an order, I logged into my account and discovered I could not find the option to use my rewards points from the checkout menu. After searching around I found the drop down menu to claim them was completely removed in favor of a VIP code box. Now you must go to Once there, you will need to sign in if you are not already. Then go to the Rewards tab.

First, there are two rows of options for claiming your points as the usual store credit. One row is exclusively for making purchases in a physical LEGO store or by their phone number. Another row of options is exclusively for codes to enter into that VIP box mentioned above. The options currently support codes for $5, $20, $50, and $100 USD increments (At least for residents of the U.S.A.). Make sure you look carefully, as I get the impression that once issued these codes cannot be swapped out for the in-store credit or vice versa. Furthermore, according to TheBrickBlogger, the VIP code for online shopping is locked to the account that the points were claimed on, so at this time you cannot gift the codes between accounts.

Now here's where things get interesting. Besides the usual coupons on purchases, they now offer other rewards. Signed LEGO themed Infinity War art prints. An exclusive ford Mustang key chain. A 7 day Xbox Game Pass. LEGO DC Super Heros Bat Pod. Then there are tickets to various LEGOLAND Parks, Discovery Centers, and even the LEGO House. They also offer some dumb stuff like downloadable coloring pages for a mere 10 points.

In some cases, the deals look incredibly good. If your planning on a trip to a LEGOLand Park for example, tickets are a mere 4,000 points. Buying tickets online in advance would cost you $84,99 USD per person. By my rough estimate, you would get 4,000 points for $616 USD worth of purchases from your local or online LEGO store. The same points, if applied directly to future LEGO Store purchases would get you roughly a $30 USD value. So, your basically getting an $85 USD ticket for close to 30 bucks worth of points, more than double your usual VIP point's worth. However, there is one last trick for you to take advantage of. If you wait for a double VIP point special, then every $308 USD spent on the LEGO store will accumulate enough points to buy one ticket.

Of course, this means you have to spend upwards of $308 USD on LEGO products to get one ticket, but your probably doing that anyway if your going to a LEGO park instead of Disney Land. I don't know if this deal has any limitations, but if it doesn't then it would cost you $1,232 USD worth of LEGO purchases to get one day tickets for a family of four. I imagine most families aren't spending that on LEGO products in a year, but some of you are probably spending enough to get one "free" ticket a year with this offer. You can usually find other deals on LEGOLand tickets too, like the "one free child with adult ticket purchase" often seen for making a LEGO Store purchase to further augment your savings if you don't have enough points for a family's worth of tickets.

I haven't run the math on all the VIP offers, so be sure to check out the point value of your country's currency to figure out if your getting a better deal using your points on these offers instead of cash.

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