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"HERO FACTORY, Rise Of The Rookies" In U.S. Stores
Posted by Richard on November 11, 2010 at 08:02 PM CST:
B.J.'s Membership Club is one of those stores you have to buy a membership from to be able to shop with them. The basic membership fee is $45.00 USD, and they have a step up from there for $90.00 USD for people who spend $200.00 or more with them each month (They in turn get 2% of their spending back for the bigger up front investment, which basically pays for the membership over time).

They take this fee, which is basically pure profit for them, and use it to buy more products in mass at a bigger price break and to pay for their stores up front rather than leasing or taking out loans to pay back later with interest. They are running a special right now where new members get a $10.00 gift card up front and two additional months free with the annual fee. I also hear if you have memberships to other similar clubs, they'll tak on even more free months.

As far as LEGO® products go, they don't have a great selection, and it's mostly seasonal for Christmas, but the sets I've seen are at least $5.00 cheaper than in the local LEGO store. On the few occasions they had BIONICLE® sets, the boxed sets were as much as $10.00 off and the cannister sets were in three packs for $19.99, which gradually got cheaper out of season until I was stocking up on three visorak for the price of one. Since the selection of LEGO Products is pretty slim, getting a membership just for the LEGO products is not worth your time, but if you have a local B.J.'s you should take a look, since thats just one particular discount out of a few hundred you might benefit from.

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